"I freaked out,” Mr. Tveit said. “I went into the bathroom, looked in the mirror and then it happened: I just started laughing, about how ridiculous my whole journey on Broadway had been up to then. I thought, ‘I can go in and do my best, and they’ll still pick one of those other guys.’ And the nerves disappeared. I sang my heart out."
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Jeremy Jordan’s “Giants in the Sky” brought the house down, even if his performance was fighting with too-literal projections. And the references to “mother at the door” made the following scene with Bernadette Peters extra gross because we thought she was his mother, and she sings a song from Road Show written for a mother to sing about her son, and then suddenly they’re in bed together.

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When people call Broadway Cast Albums “soundtracks” it makes my skin crawl…. there is a difference in a cast album and a soundtrack.


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do you ever look around and realize how much broadway has taken over your life 

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